• Shares of Apple May Continue to Take a Beating for a Bit

    Despite record-breaking elements in yesterday's quarterly earnings report from Apple, shares of AAPL continued today with the sell-off that started in earnest in after-hours trading on Tuesday.

    As MMi reported last night, investors began dumping shares of Apple in a stock exodus after Apple's Q3 2015 earnings report revealed data less impressive than that which was projected by analysts in recent days.

    Unfortunately for Apple, the sell-off didn't subside much Wednesday. And some expect more downside pressure Thursday and Friday, particularly amidst a turbulent week for stocks in general this earnings seasons.

    "But little of this was really Apple’s fault," a report from Time notes today. "Wall Street was too optimistic when it came to iPhone sales, failing to take into account the recent turmoil in China’s stock markets. Chinese markets were experiencing major disruptions throughout most of June, causing sales of premium goods to stall as Chinese buyers started being more careful with their money."

    Regardless of the reasons or excuses for Apple's stock troubles this week, don't count Apple out long term. Once this market reaction -- or overreaction subsides -- Apple will likely retrace much if not all of this lost territory in short order.

    Source: Time
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    1. exNavy's Avatar
      exNavy -
      I would hazard a guess that the overwhelming majority of people that visit this site don't own and will never own apple stock.
    1. Albut's Avatar
      Albut -
      Apple got $200 billion in the bank. That will increase all the time they rip off their customers and they are mug enough to pay excessive amounts for Apple products.
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