• Mozilla Rolling Out "Firefox Home" for the iPhone

    Our developer friends behind Mozilla's Firefox have their sights set on the iPhone platform, as evidence by the brand spankin' new Firefox Home app, which is now in development. The application is exciting no shortage of iPhone and Mozilla Firefox fans because it will essentially enable users to readily access their personal desktop Firefox data.

    Although Mozilla has previously rolled out a Firefox web browser for Mac OS X running on more than one Apple system, this application takes the mobile Firefox experience one step further by providing iPhone users with everything from browsing history to the tabs used during their last browser session.

    In a nutshell, the app is made possible by Mozilla Sync, which synchronizes data between two desktop browsers with the Sync add-on. But when you set up Firefox Home on your iPhone, the Sync functionality enables you to access the aforementioned browser data whenever or wherever you may roam. At least that's how Mozilla is describing the process to work.

    Unfortunately for Firefox fanatics, Mozilla is not going to push ahead with a native iPhone browser (even though a version of Firefox for Android is already in the works). For now, though, Firefox Home should pacify many. And, in case you're wondering, the app will even work on the iPad, although Mozilla warns that it isn't optimized to do so.
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