• Volkswagen Vehicles With CarPlay Support Begin Arriving at Dealerships

    Automaker Volkswagen recently announced that their first cars for 2016 equipped with CarPlay-enabled MIB-II infotainment system have already begun arriving at dealerships this week. Just a few days ago we reported that Japanese car company Honda would be equipping their 2016 Accord vehicles with CarPlay as well. Then prior to that, Chevy, Buick, and GMC also made announcements in regards to having the new infotainment system installed in a few of their vehicles.

    Alongside Apple’s CarPlay feature, Android Auto will be installed in the MIB-II system as well. It was stated that although CarPlay and the MIB-II system won’t have a subscription fee, customers will have to pay $199 a year for the Car-Net suite of apps. The first 6 months will be free, so customers will get to play with the features the system offers.

    Volkswagen had promised in the beginning of the year that they would be offering CarPlay in their 2016 vehicles. As of right now, the Tiguan and Golf R are already starting to arrive in showrooms and other models with the support will roll out later in the year. The company announced that most 2016 models will have the new system with an exception of entry-level models.

    Source: Volkswagen
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    1. fleurya's Avatar
      fleurya -
      I just bought a new car recently and was going to have a CarPlay head unit dropped un. But after looking at the features of carplay I realized that it's rally not worth it if you already have BT connection to your OEM head unit and just dash mount your phone.

      The only plus is your navigation map will be bigger, but at the same time you're tied to Apple Maps. It works fine and all, but sometimes it pays to have an alternate. That goes for the other guys too.

      For everything else: Siri connection, Music, etc. I can just get that from my phone.

      If you are interested in carplay I would suggest looking into aftermarket head units instead of OEM. I'm guessing the OEM upgrade is well over a thousand, wheras an aftermarket unit can be bought and installed for well under that.

      But unless the OEM units do something with the car that I don't know of, it just doesn't seem worth it.
    1. Mr_X's Avatar
      Mr_X -
      Best iPhone experience on four wheels is the Tesla Model S
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