• Reeder 3 RSS Application for Mac OS X 10.10 and Later Goes Into Public Beta

    Silvio Rizzi's hit OS X RSS reader application Reeder 2 is coming ever so closer to becoming obsolete as the developer works on bringing Reeder 3 to the hands of the public.

    A public beta of Reeder 3 is now available to download for free from the developer's Web site, allowing the public to download and try the Reeder 3 application before it hits the Mac App Store. The application is designed specifically for OS X 10.10 Yosemite and later, and will play nicely with OS X 10.11 El Capitan later this year when the operating system is released in the Fall by Apple.

    Reeder 3, like its predecessor, supports the all of the following RSS services:

    • Feedbin
    • Feedly
    • Feed Wrangler
    • FeedHQ,
    • NewsBlur
    • The Old Reader
    • Inoreader
    • Minimal Reader
    • BazQux Reader
    • Fever
    • Readability
    • Instapaper

    The Reeder 2 application from the Mac App Store is a $9.99 purchase, and when released, Reeder 3 will follow its footsteps. Those that already own Reeder 2 will be able to download Reeder 3 completely free of charge, as it will be a free upgrade for existing customers.

    A full change log of the Reeder 3 public beta can be found below:

    Version 3.0b1


    • Reeder 3 requires at least Mac OS X 10.10
    • Reeder 3 will be a free update for Reeder 2 for Mac users
    • Sharing services still need some work

    What's new

    • More themes
    • Updated UI
    • Unread and starred counts for smart folders
    • Hide smart folders in unread/starred view if there are no unread/starred items
    • Private browsing support (see Settings > Reading)
    • Display the URL in the status bar when hovering a link in the article viewer or browser
    • New article viewer display settings: separate font and uppercase options for the title
    • Fullscreen now also works when in minimized layout mode

    Sync Services

    • New service: Instapaper
    • Feedbin: Support for Saved Searches
    • Readability: Tags
    • Readability: Delete articles
    • Minimal Reader: Tags
    • Inoreader: Tags
    • BazQux Reader: Tags
    • Feedly: Tags
    • Feedly: New setting to enable downloading of read items (disabled by default)
    • RSS (local): Tags


    • Disabled “Mark all as read” for read later services (Readability and Instapaper)


    • Inoreader authentication
    • Incorrect unread/starred counts
    • Reeder now uses San Francisco as UI font on El Capitan
    • Full screen split view on El Capitan
    • Various visual glitches on El Capitan

    Not Fixed

    • Links not opening in the background (seems to be a Chrome issue)
    To learn more about Reeder 3 public beta and to download it and start trying it ahead of the official release, you can head over to the developer's Web site at this link.

    Source: Reeder 3 Pubic Beta
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