• Stampr - Timestamp Your Photos

    For those of us who take lots of photos with our iDevices, organization is key. Many times it can be difficult to organize photos because you can never seem to remember where or when you took the picture. This problem has been limited to only iDevices as mainstream cameras have had the timestamp ability for quite some time.

    With the release of Stampr, by developer Maximus (@0_Maximus_0), this issue is no longer relevant. Stampr timestamps your photos when you take pictures through the Camera.app. What is convenient about Stampr is it creates two photos; one original and another edited with the timestamp. If you need to use the original without the timestamp, it's available at your disposal. In the case that you have HDR enabled, it will make 4 copies; one of each (original, HDR, timestamped original, timestamped HDR). There are a few settings needing configuration within the Stampr tab in Settings however it's easily undertaken. There are applications (e.g. iFile) that have the ability to view the photo's properties within the phone to get this information as well. However, it takes some time snooping and is not for the un-experienced or those who don't know how to access inside their phone. This is what makes this tweak useful. It adds all the applicable information right to the picture and in plain view. The list of settings is below:

    • Enable/Disable Stampr
    • 24-Hour/12-Hour Time
    • Label Color
    • Font Size
    • Custom Text
    • Just Stamp (Stamps custom text only)

    A video below gives an overview of every aspect of Stampr and the capabilities it has. Stampr is available on Cydia via the BigBoss repo and is free of charge. Follow Maximus on Twitter for updates and other tweets regarding his developments and Stampr.

    Name: Stampr
    Author: Maximus
    Version: 1.0.0
    Price: Free


    Source(s) Cydia, Optimo
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