• Built-In Flashlight Mode in iPhone OS 4.0

    I remember one of the first apps I had ever gotten for my iPhone was the flashlight app from Cydia. It was so simple and really a surprise there wasn't something like this build inside of the OS itself. We all know how often we find ourselves in situations of such, where there is no fraking light available, as you stumble through the darkness hoping your next step won't plunge you into well, where Desmond awaits to tell you about your destiny.

    It appears as though Apple is either paying really close attention to what Jailbreakers want and demand from their iPhone, or someone at Apple realized that having a light to shine down the hatch might be useful when your stranded in the darkness.


    YouTuber treibercc, has discovered this built in flashlight mode and posted a video to prove it. All you have to do simply press the power/lock button 3 times quickly and the screen will be lit up with a super bright white screen. Flash it around to your hearts content until you find that button and restart the clock before everything goes to hell. Push the button again and it will turn off. treibercc says he's not entirely sure if this is a bug or an actual feature, but we're hoping it is a new feature.

    Nonetheless, it's great to see more and more features buried inside of the iPhone OS 4.0 Beta, which can only make us wonder what else Apple might be holding back and not telling us about. The time is almost here for us all to enjoy the new features of OS 4.0.
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