• Personal Pickup Option Available Now For Apple's 12-Inch MacBook

    It has been almost four months since Apple released their 12-inch MacBook and just recently did the company start offering the laptop for personal pickup in U.S. retail locations. Some Apple stores had the new sized laptop available for walk-in customers but starting now, it seems like the company has enough devices in stock for them to offer it for personal pickup.

    Not all stores have the personal pickup option yet, so it really depends on what configuration the customer is looking for and which stores actually have laptop in stock. Currently, the Space Grey 256GB MacBook is available for personal pickup in New York, NY, but the silver color is not.

    Apple is not the only place offering the 12-inch MacBook in stores for walk-in customers, as some Best Buy brick-and-mortar stores have it too. However, most international stores donít even have the device available in stores and only have it for display purposes.

    When you order the laptop online, it currently has 1-2 weeks ship time but the MacBook Pro and Air have shipping times of just 1 business day. We suppose the company is still not quite caught up in production of the laptop just yet, but enough to hold over personal pick-up customers.

    The 12-inch laptop starts at $1,299 with 256GB of storage and $1,599 for the higher-end models with 512GB of storage.

    Source: Apple
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