• Can't Get Enough Of These iPhone 4 Leaks : More Images and Concepts

    Image Via PowerbookMedic

    Ever since the gizmodo story about the the next gen iPhone, it seems to have started a huge leak with what is to come. It's almost as if Apple's marketing team decided to push more leaks out in order to create more hype around the next iDevice.

    As if we haven't seen enough photos and leaks, here is yet another set of new Photos and even some concept images. PowerbookMedic has leaked images of the White iPhone case we've all seen, and this is really the icing on the cake, as it almost completely confirms that Apple will be bringing a white case to the table, and not one of those half-assed, half white, half black cases we've seen. Although these may still be prototype casings, its good enough for me to believe it.

    Next Gen iPhone Concept Art

    And as an extra little bonus, some great concept art has come about from these leaks, and here is another fantastic set rendered by a french website called "Nowhere". These are really well done and almost look like the real thing.

    I gotta say though, I'm still not a fan of this design.. it seems way to bulky, and square like. Reminds me of those really old MP3 Players before iPods. What do you think?
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