• Recent Study Reveals a Declining Rate of Adoption and Usage for Apple Pay

    According to a recently published study, the number of iPhone users who are willing to try out Apple Pay has declined over the past three months. There appears to also be a drop in usage rates from both casual and previously committed users as well. The ongoing survey conducted by the folks over at InfoScout in cooperation with PYMNTS.com shows the number of eligible Apple Pay users who tried the service dropped from 15.1% in March to 13.1% in June.

    Furthermore, respondents who answered yes to the question ”Did you use Apple Pay on this transaction” ended up falling from 39.3% to 23% over the same period of time. The CEO of InfoScout, Jared Schrieber, had the following to say regarding the matter:

    As more and more people buy iPhone 6's we are seeing a lower percentage of them adopting or trying Apple Pay. That shouldn't necessarily be a surprise as we move from people who are early adopters and more likely to try things, to later adopters who are not.
    Speculation is pointing towards the results being attributed towards security concerns as customers declining to use Apple Pay for this particular reason have increased from 15% to 19%. Furthermore, poor user experiences are having a detrimental effect on 4% of existing users who are no longer willing to use the service out of fear that it may not work properly.

    Despite all of the negative survey results, Apple Pay remains one of the top touchless payment solutions that is currently on the market. This is largely due to the fact that there is a large number of iPhone users who have access to the feature. Apple is continually working on helping Apple Pay gain traction so we’ll have to see how the trend continues going forward and more importantly, what efforts Apple makes to help push the feature along.

    Source: PYMNTS
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    1. peacedog's Avatar
      peacedog -
      I would love to use ApplePay more, but the three things preventing this are:

      1. Not very many places accept it. I shop at Walmart, Target, and CVS often, and none of them accept it.
      2. Can't tell if some terminals accept it. I see a "PayPass" symbol. Some of them work with Apple Pay, some don't.
      3. Discover is my primary credit card. {support supposedly coming this fall...YAY!}
    1. gldoorii's Avatar
      gldoorii -
      I use it often at Panera and Firehouse Subs, but that's it because no other stores I shop at accept it. I really wish they did because it's super convenient.
    1. DarkDragonAn's Avatar
      DarkDragonAn -
      I also have the same problem, not many places are accepting apple pay and it hard for me to use it every where.
    1. fleurya's Avatar
      fleurya -
      The problem is the terminals are just expensive. They cost double the amount and expected life is half traditional pimped terminals. When your margins in retail are razor thin, it's tough to adopt. Give it time. It'll grow.

      I would use it for every transaction if possible. When I do use it, it literally takes 1-3 seconds, with most of that just pulling my phone from my pocket. Much better than traditional cards.

      I also like that I get purchase notifications even if I use the card itself. This came in handy last Christmas when a Family Dollar clerk stole my card number and bought prepaid phone cards. I got the notification on my phone and called to get the card **** down immediately.

      That's why banks love apple pay and will pay apple for it. Card theft is virtually impossible when using it, and people can be on top of theft when it happens.
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