• Apple's Stand Against Flash: New HTML5 Demos & Showcase

    HTML5 has brought an incredible amount of new innovative possibilities to browsing the web, and as it continues its growth, proves to be a solid competitor up against browser plugins such as Flash. You should know by now that Steve Jobs has stated his love for HTML5 numerous times, and claims it is the new standard for the future of the internet. While many of us were hoping that all of this pressure might force Jobs to re-think the exclusion of Flash, but it's quite clear that this will never happen.

    Apple has just published a new portal specific to showing off the abilities of HTML5. If you check out the HTML5 Showcase on Apple.com, it explains that every Apple device supports HTML5 web standards, and that these standards are open, reliable, highly secure, and efficient. It's quite clear to see that HTML5 offers a plethora of possibilities for plugin-less browsing. There are 7 sections highlighted, these being, Video, Typography, Gallery, Transitions, Audio, 360, and VR.

    Not only will you find demos set up, but there are various resources on learning to develop with HTML, iDevice Apps that support HTML5, and of course a link to Steve Job's thoughts on Flash. Go figure.

    It's pretty obvious that Apple is really going to stick with their guns and smother Adobe's Flash plugin into the ground.

    What do you think?

    Source: Apple

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