• Swift Programming Language Translated to Mandarin Courtesy of an Open Source Project

    The development for Apple devices has gotten much easier as thousands of developers in China are able to help develop apps as a group of more than 100 programmers recently wrapped up an open source Mandarin Chinese translation of Apple’s Swift programming language. The project creator, Jie Liang, currently a student at BeiHang University in Beijing, recently mentioned that the Swift translation was finished last month after a year’s worth of open source development. Throughout the project’s lifespan, the translated version has been accessed by more than two million times on GitHub according to Bloomberg.

    Liang started the enterprise to “synchronize China and the world” in an effort to allude to the current state of modern coding, which tends to be dominated by English-based natural language programming protocols along with the proliferation of Apple’s iOS operating system. The code suites based on languages other than English do exist, such as the Mandarin-friendly Easy Programming Language, but generally, their utility is questionable.

    The developers who aren’t fluent in English seem to be at a disadvantage, as code written in other languages is more difficult to market. English seems to be standard of the global coding community and given Apple’s commanding presence in the mobile app marketplace, it’s becoming popular with other users as well. Liang’s Swift translation could help open the door to a large number of iOS and OS X programmers.

    The recent unveiling of Swift in June 2014 came as a surprise to many. For those of you who didn’t know, the language was designed with Cocoa and Cocoa Touch in mind but also works well with Objective-C, allowing developers to interchange languages. This past WWDC, Apple surprised developers once again by announcing plans to open source Swift for iOS, OS X and Linux. The Cupertino California company even announced Swift 2, which comes with a number of efficiency tweaks and several new features as well.

    Source: Bloomberg
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