• Spotify to Reportedly Limit Some Music Content to Premium Subscribers

    New reports claim that music streaming service Spotify has plans to begin limiting some music content for just Premium subscribers. It was noted that Spotify will be doing this due to all the pressure they are receiving from record labels. According to Digital Music News, it isnít clear as to whether this change will be temporary or permanent and what the restrictions will be just yet. The company may make it so that free users will only be allowed to listen to certain albums for a set period of time or even just a select few songs from the album.

    The change will most likely not take place until sometime early next year according to sources. We suggest doing the most you can out of your free membership until the change happens. Apparently the record labels giving Spotify a hard time are Universal, Sony, and Warner- which are also the three largest record labels currently. The pressure comes before the October 1st renewal date.

    Weíre not quite sure how these changes will affect Spotify subscribers as they have been known to provide free music streaming for a long time now. But according to a source, Spotifyís CEO Daniel Ek does not like the idea of music content being restricted to users. Just because Ek hates the idea, doesnít mean he wonít be forced to do so when push comes to shove. What are your thoughts on this matter? Do you think many people will then unsubscribe to the service and possibly switch over to Apple Music instead? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

    Source: Digital Music News
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