• Everything Must Go! iPhone 3G "Sold Out"

    You can almost picture Steve Jobs wearing a bad 1970's era leisure suit announcing during a late night TV infomercial that "all things must go!" to clear the inventory and make way for a dazzling new product. That's the image that's popping into some folks' heads today (or at least mine), as word gets around that AT&T is reportedly sold out of the iPhone 3G.

    Next Monday, at the kick-off of WWDC 2010, Apple CEO Steve Jobs is expected to unveil the 4th generation iPhone. Chance are, you've heard about this by now. What you may have not yet heard, however, is information contained in a report this morning that was gleaned from a leaked internal memo from AT&T asserting that inventories of the 8GB iPhone 3G is completely depleted.

    According to the BGR today, "You had a really, really good run iPhone 3G. Well miss you." While it wouldn't make sense to mass produce and stock the iPhone 3G so close to a next-gen product launch, the timing of the depletion suggests the likely marketplace arrival of the new iPhone is imminent. That is, the 4th generation iPhone could begin turning up in Apple and AT&T stores in weeks rather than months. And given what feels to have been an exorbitant wait time for this latest iPhone roll out, that's music to the ears of many Apple fans waiting to upgrade or delve into the iPhone market for the first time.

    Industry expectations now widely reflect the notion that the iPhone 3G will be permanently discontinued, with the $99 iPhone slot likely getting filled with 2009's iPhone 3GS.

    image via textually.org
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