• Rumor: New iPhone Available June 18th

    AT&T Reps Report High Sales Quotas for the month of June

    According to BGR, AT&T reps have reported an unusually high sales quota for the month of June, which leads BGR to believe that there is a good chance the new iPhone will go on sale on Friday, June 18th 2010. And I agree, based on the information at hand and the timing of WWDC.

    "Well so what if sales quotas are high?" you may be asking. What needs to be understood is that with the amount of sales required in one month, and the average amount of units sold each month, AT&T wouldn't be able to meet the unusually high quota for June if the iPhone were to be released a week later or in July. The extremely high demand for sales this month is a good indication that something is around the corner. Timing coincides with WWDC as well, so this could be it folks.

    Keep your eyes peeled, as June 18th isn't far away and WWDC is right around the corner.

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    Source: BGR

    My brother is a store manager for AT&T and I asked him about these unsusually high quotas after reading this post. He said to me that in his district there has been no unsusual increas in quotas for this month. It's business as usual until official word from apple comes around. If any stores quotas have been increased is because of the productivity from the previous month. Even knowing this I still hope it comes sooner then later.
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