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    Apple may have approved the SugarSugar app, and serving sizes don't come in teaspoons. Unless that's your kinda thing...

    Zdnet is reporting SugarSugar, a Sugar Daddy dating website, is claiming their iPhone app has been approved and will be available via the App Store in June. It appears the round table of elders in Castle Cupertino, who decide which apps to knight and which apps hang, have been letting the jesters run the roost.

    I'm sure approving the app was a difficult process. Why, with verbiage like "The world's most effective and discreet place for finding Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby Relationships" or "for me looking to spoil, and dynamic women looking or financial support with bills, or who just need some excitement in life," plastered on the site, I can understand how one would assume this is a legitimate business.

    Or fancy prostitution.

    Make no mistake, SugarSugar.com is an escort service. The site's most recent blog entry gives prospective Sugar Babies some good advice:

    "Attention sugar daddies and fellow sugar babies, your babies DO NOT belong in your dating profiles with you. What's so hot about a mom with her baby? Not much, except that it holds wieght for more responsibility for a pot SD. Do you know how scary that can be for sugar daddies?"
    Right. Sucker the rich SOB into dating you, take his money, buy some diapers and hopefully get knocked up by him. Perfect plan, who needs college?

    Back to the app I forgot I was talking about. SugarSugar claims their new location-based app "is designed to provide Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies with a quick, effective and discreet way to locate one another as they go about their every-day lives."

    I guess this app getting approved isn't THAT big of a surprise. After all you can download the Ashley Madison app, which helps married individuals start affairs, "Life is short. Have an affair."

    It's only natural that the world's oldest profession evolve with the smartphone revolution. I mean Square hands out their card readers for free. But, still I can't help but laugh at the hypocrasy of the app approval process. Expect SugarSugar to be shot down before its June release date.

    Source: ZDnet, SugarSugar
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