• AT&T Data Calculator - You Might Need It!

    With AT&T changing their data plans you might need this! And its unbelievable that we would even have to think of using such a thing! I thought I should post this so everyone knows of it. Its really easy to use. Just slide the sliders for each thing you do in a day or month.

    For instance if you sent 20 email message out in one day and received 30 you would slide the slider to 50 in a day for emails sent/received in one day with no attachments.

    They have many categories that one would do in a day such as email, emails with photos, emails sent with attachments, hours of streaming music, web pages viewed, apps/games/songs downloaded, social media posts with photos uploaded and minutes of streaming video.

    Say you streamed music for 2.5 hours according to their calculator you would use 2.15 GB of data.

    So if you are one that doesn't keep your unlimited data plan you better bookmark this. And if you go over you can tell them that you used their data calculator!

    Data Calculator

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