• Is Your Wrist Too Big to Fit Into Apple's Largest Apple Watch Link Bracelet? No Problem!

    Many people who have ordered the 42mm Apple Watch with the largest stainless steel link bracelet wrist strap option are still out of luck because their wrists are just too big for Apple's offerings, which max out at 205mm.

    For this reason, Apple has released an expansion kit on Friday that can be used to extend the length of the stainless steel link bracelet by up to 40mm more, giving the wrist strap a total potential length of 245mm. It's also possible that users could pick up more than one of these kits and expand the wrist strap even further, but at that point you're getting into Hulk's sizes.

    For $49, the expansion kit includes six additional links, which gives the user any length they need from 205-245mm. It's available on Apple's online store at this link, as well as via local pickup in stores.

    It's good to see Apple answering the many requests for an XL-sized wrist band, because many people have been requesting one on Apple's online support forums, complaining that current offerings are too small for their wrists. Since people come in all different shapes and sizes, it can be difficult to make a wearable product without some issues.

    Source: Apple via MacRumors
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    1. ChicagoV's Avatar
      ChicagoV -
      Wonder when they'll offer the Space Black version... for sizing, this is cool. What I'd like to see is Apple offer the actual clasp as a standalone item. For people without AC+ (or those who don't want to burn one of their claims on something like scratches, since this is the main area where they'd likely occur), that could be useful as well.
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