• AT&T New Wireless Data Plans

    Ok I keep cruising the internet to find as much info as possible to help the confusion with AT&T's new plans. I wish they would just leave their plans alone! Hot off of their facebook page here it is.

    New Wireless Data Plans

    We have thought long and hard about how to come up with a data pricing structure that serves the largest number of people and brings the benefits of the mobile broadband revolution to those who have been, until now, unable to afford it. Here's where we started: 98% of our customers use less than 2GBs of data a month on average...and yet the traditional “one size fits all” pricing model has been that EVERYBODY pays for the ability to consume much more than what the vast majority of our customers typically use. Day after day we listen to you guys tell us that smartphone plans are too high and that you want to be able to get the best phones at a lower monthly price. We've looked at all kinds of options and where we've landed is a usage-based pricing system for new smartphone customers that can lower the price for smartphone use. So here's the deal: if you are a current smartphone customer you're not required to switch to one of the new plans. However, if you'd like a data plan more tailored to your needs, you can switch to one of the two new plans we're introducing.

    Below you'll find more details on these new plans. Take a look and if you have any questions, head back over to the wall and we'll do our best to address whatever concerns you have.

    DataPlus:. For people who want the coolest smartphones on the market, but intend to use them mostly for calling, texting, sending email, occassionally checking social networks and surfing the Web, or who plan to take advantage of Wi-Fi for much of their data use, we're offering a new plan that is half the price of the current data plan: 200MB for $15 a month. That's enough, for example, to send/receive 1,000 emails (no attachments), plus send/receive 150 emails with attachments, plus view 400 Web pages, plus post 50 photos on social media sites, plus watch 20 minutes of streaming video (though your usage will vary based on your Internet usage patterns). This plan is intended for people who use less than 200 MB, but if you go over that amount in a monthly billing cycle, you will receive an additional 200 MB for $15 for use during the billing cycle.

    DataPro: For those who want more, we're offering 10 times the data for $25 a month. 2GB is a lot of data...it's more than 98% of our current smartphone customers use a month on average today. For example, it’s enough, to send/receive 10,000 emails (no attachments), plus send/receive 1,500 emails with attachments, plus view 4,000 Web pages, plus post 500 photos to social media sites, plus watch 200 minutes of streaming video. (Again, your usage will vary based on your internet usage patterns.) If you go over that amount in a given billing cycle you will receive 1 GB of data for $10 for use during the cycle.

    Tethering: Smartphone customers – including iPhone customers who choose the DataPro plan have the option to add tethering for an additional $20 per month. Tethering for iPhones will be available when Apple releases OS 4 this summer.
    So, with the new wireless data plans, pricing for a smartphone voice and data bundle now starts at $54.99 per month for an individual plan, or $24.99 per month for an additional line on a FamilyTalk plan. That's $15 per month less than the price of the previous entry level bundle.

    For new iPad customers: the $25 per month 2 GB plan will replace the existing $29.99 unlimited plan. iPad customers will continue to pre-pay for their wireless data plan and no contract is required. Existing iPad customers who have the $29.99 per month unlimited plan are not required to change their plans.

    Customer Text Notifications On Data Usage: We want to help you know how much data you’re using to avoid any surprises. So to keep you up to date we will send text notifications – after you reach 65 percent, 90 percent and 100 percent of the threshold. We’ll also send you email alerts if we have your email address.

    We looked at a ton of different options to arrive at a system that was flexible, fair and predictable for the largest number of people and what we’ve heard again and again (especially from you guys on Facebook) was that people wanted lower prices. They also wanted more choice and more control over what they spend on wireless data. We think these plans offer the most flexibility and great value. We’re also really excited about making smart phones more affordable so that a larger number of people can enjoy the benefits of the mobile internet. Another thing that we found when we were researching this is that everyone we talked to thought they were using more data than they actually were. So to figure out how much data you actually use and how what plan makes sense for you, here are a couple of ways that you can check your data use:

    Just Call *DATA# from your wireless phone. (It’s an actual call btw…not a text) and we’ll send you a free text with how much data you’ve used. Please note that you will see your usage generally within 15 hours or less of actual data usage.

    Select smart phones, including iPhone, also let you use the free AT&T myWireless application to check data usage.

    Go online to get all your usage information, past and present. You will see your usage reflected in these tools generally within 15 hours or less of actual data usage.

    Also, check out our data calculator http://www.att.com/standalone/data-c...tor/index.html It can give you a better idea of which activities tend to use the most data and whether they’re things you are interested in doing.

    You can get more information on the new plans online, by contacting AT&T customer service at 1-800-331-0500, or visiting an AT&T retail store.

    Another thing to consider is whether you are getting the most value out of the Wi-Fi that AT&T offers to smartphone customers at no additional charge. Generally, Wi-Fi gives you consistently fast speeds and it won't count against your monthly usage total. Also, virtually all AT&T smartphone customers have access at no additional charge to more than 20,000 domestic AT&T Wi-Fi Hot Spots and other locations. You can get more information on how to use Wi-Fi and find the location of AT&T Wi-Fi Hot Spots. An 802.11 b/g enabled device required. Other restrictions apply. See AT&T Wi-Fi for additional services details and locations.

    Finally, we are here to answer your questions. Just head back over to the wall and we’ll do our best to address whatever concerns you have. This page is all about bringing you guys the news first and being here to answer your questions…and to hear your feedback…and this announcement is no different. http://www.facebook.com/ATT?ref=ts
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