• Recently Revealed Information Points Towards Apple Building a Self-Driving Car

    Apple’s rumored automotive project appears to be moving quite quickly with the company reportedly planning to rent a 2,100-acre property near San Francisco in an effort to work on its apparently self-driving “Project Titan.” Evidence of the project came from a public records act request that was conducted by The Guardian, which revealed that Apple met with GoMentum station, a former naval base in California. The secure facility Is reportedly being outfitted to test several self-driving vehicles and Apple is said to have expressed interest.

    The information revealed that the previously revealed information regarding the company’s automotive project at a facility in Sunnyvale, California was somewhat accurate. Sources mentioned that “Project Titan” development is underway inside a top-secret building codenamed “SG5.”

    The Cupertino California company is looking to hide its offices under the guise of a shell corporation dubbed SixtyEight Research, which purports to be a market research company. Documents that were revealed the company to be identified as “SixtyEight LLC” paid to import a 1957 Fiat Multipla 600 and the Apple chief designer is known to have an affinity for Fiats.

    The most recent information regarding “Project Titan” details reveal that Apple engineer Frank Fearon contacted GoMentum in an effort to use their facility, presumably for the automotive project. The former Concord Naval Weapons Station reportedly includes highway overpasses, railway crossings and other typical road features for testing self-driving cars. A GoMentum Station official strangely confirmed that the talks with Apple as well. The executive director of the Contra Costa Transportation that owns GoMentum Station, Randy Iwasaki, told the folks over at The Guardian that they signed a non-disclosure agreement with Apple and couldn’t provide additional information.

    The Titan team is allegedly to involve several hundred workers and Apple has been accused of illegally poaching high-ranked executives from A123, a battery marker whose technology has been found in high-performance electric vehicles.

    We’ll have to wait and see how everything is going when more information is revealed.

    Source: The Guardian
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