• Mail Mod: Pull Down To Refresh

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ttPsbrvRar4]YouTube - Pulldown in Mail[/ame]

    If you use twitter at all, then I'm sure you've been using a Twitter app for your iPhone or iPod, which means you've probably seen the "Pulldown to Refresh" option built into these apps to provide a quick way to refresh any new tweets. In this particular case, we have a mod that does the same, except to your Mail app instead.

    Now I am not quite sure why this provides any practical use, seeing as how its just as easy to tap the bottom left corner to refresh mail at any time. But I do love to see mods for native Apple apps. Infact, I'm still waiting to see someone port the new iPhone OS 4.0 Mail app for us 3.1.x users.

    Nonetheless, developers Chpwn and Xuzz, creators of infinity board, infinidock, and proswitcher, have provided the video above to demonstrate the new mod. While it's not in Cydia yet, we are told it should be any time shortly.
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