• Carrier Unlocks Coming This Month: MuscleNerd Confirms Plans for Release

    iPhone 3.1.3 and 4.0 Carirrer Unlocks To Follow iPhone OS 4.0 Release

    MuscleNerd has given some reassuring words to his twitter followers today, in what seems the calm before the storm. While to most of us, this is nothing new, as we usually can expect these releases to follow shortly after a new update is announced from Apple, however, It's been 4 months since iPhone OS 3.1.3 was unleashed upon us, causing many users to lose their unlocking abilities, many of which flood twitter and forums asking for when the 3.1.3 unlock will become available, and now they'll once again get some motivating words to hold out, as the unlocks are right around the corner.

    Hopefully that will put to rest a some followers out there that continue to slam the Dev-Team with these release date questions. WWDC is upon us tomorrow and we are expecting Apple to finally give us a release date on the new iPhone OS 4.0 and as soon as this happens, you'll be sure that the unlock will follow just a few days/week later.

    Just remember folks, be patient, we're almost there. You've held out this long, you'll make it a few more days/weeks.

    Don't forget to check out ModMyi's coverage live from WWDC.

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