• WWDC 2010 "Just Isn't About the iPad"

    Sources close to the Monday morning kick-off of WWDC 2010 report that anyone hoping for a lot of iPad news and excitement coming out of the convention will be "gravely disappointed." While the iPad has clearly been Apple's biggest attention-getter and possibly biggest future revenue-earner, Cupertino is prepared to almost gratuitously shove the iPad out of the spotlight this week - at least by comparison to the royal spotlight it's received since January 27th.

    The worst kept secret ahead of Steve Jobs' keynote at the World Wide Developer Conference is that the Apple chief will announce brand spankin' new iPhone models centered on the new iPhone OS 4.0. While there's also been talk of possible announcements regarding everything from Safari 5 to an iTunes streaming service, all has been quiet on the iPad rumor front. Why? Because the 2010 WWDC "just isn't about the iPad."

    Bursting into the marketplace only two months ago, millions of iPads have already been sold with millions more likely to be sold before the end of 2010. It's evident that Apple has spent enough time and effort pushing this new product. Those who think Apple may stun the world with a new iPad model tomorrow are "virtually insane," according to the same sources that predict a major attention getter for Cupertino in the days and weeks ahead.

    With added competition in the smartphone space and most of Apple's media attention this year centered on the iPad, Steve Jobs is poised to re-center the focus of his company on the iPhone. Apple has high hopes of the 4th generation iPhone, which may be available to consumers within a matter of days. So to those who are sick of all the iPad news, you're in luck! Once again it's going to be "all about the iPhone and its apps" (at least for a while), beginning tomorrow morning.
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