• This Could Be The iPhone Unleashed Tomorrow: More iPhone Leaks

    Korean Employee Leaks More Next-Gen iPhone Photographs

    It's a never ending supply of iPhone image leaks, even when we are one day away from WWDC. CNET is reporting a Korean employee has leaked photographs of THE next-gen iPhone.

    Laid upon scattered Korean magazines (as if one was trying to imply the authenticity of their Korean status), is parts to an white iPhone. The images appear to look just like the ones we've seen before which leads a pretty consistent leak.

    One could speculate either way; someone is making a ton of these fake prototypes, or this is actually what Steve Jobs will be showing us tomorrow at WWDC.

    So what do you think? Is the "surprise" ruined? Will the hype be as big as it would have been? Either way, tomorrow should be interesting.

    Be sure to stay tuned tomorrow to MMi for our coverage of WWDC.

    Source: CNET Asia
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