• Was Your AT&T Upgrade Eligibility Moved Up?

    I had been planning on waiting for my AT&T upgrade credit, due in August, before getting a next-generation iPhone (iPhone HD? iPhone 4G? iPhone 2010? iPhone IV: Afterlife?), even though I knew I'd want one at approximately 2pm Eastern Daylight Time on June 7, 2010. I'm getting a 64GB, and without credit those are going to be pricey. Plus there's the looming Early Termination Fee, which should be low based on the twenty-two months I've had my beat-up 3G, but who wants to spend more then they have to?

    So I called AT&T on Saturday asking for the exact day my credit kicks in, so I can budget. They painfully-nice lady at Customer Service nicely informed me that I have upgrade credit now, today: two months earlier than anticipated. Sure enough, when I go to "myWireless" it tells me that "As a valued customer, we can offer you an upgrade with a new 2-year commitment and an $18 upgrade fee." And the nice AT&T lady said they'd waive the upgrade fee... which is also what shows up when I call *639# from my phone. Sweet!

    I chalked it up to the standard AT&T screw-up, just in my favor for once. However, according to posts at MacRumors and AppleInsider this morning, many customers are reporting the same thing. It's not clear yet whether it's a major screw-up, or a great deal AT&T is giving its customers but declining to publicize for some reason.

    Perhaps we'll hear an announcement paired with the iPhone A4 unveiling later today. But if you're an AT&T customer, dial *639# and see what your upgrade eligibility is.
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