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    That's it folks! All we've got. If you want high-res photos of any of those, I have them - email me at kyle at modmyi dahwt com.

    12:31 PM, Jun 7 2010

    Steve speaks again of how Apple combines beauty and function.

    12:30 PM, Jun 7 2010

    Here's the new lineup as of June 24th through AT&T.

    12:29 PM, Jun 7 2010

    The iPhone 4 will be available June 24th, Pre-orders June 15th.

    12:29 PM, Jun 7 2010

    Here's a shot of the glass-backed iPhone 4.

    12:28 PM, Jun 7 2010

    iMovie on iPhone4! $4.99 in AppStore - looks awesome.

    12:28 PM, Jun 7 2010

    iMovie on iPhone4! $4.99 in AppStore - looks awesome.

    12:28 PM, Jun 7 2010

    iBooks syncs across all devices now with iOS4.

    12:27 PM, Jun 7 2010

    Specs of iOS4.

    12:27 PM, Jun 7 2010

    The new iPhone will have HD video.

    12:27 PM, Jun 7 2010

    Steve shows off the iPhone4 hardware.

    12:26 PM, Jun 7 2010

    Info on the gyroscope included in iPhone4.

    12:26 PM, Jun 7 2010

    Folders are easy to use - tap and hold, then drag an icon onto any other icon to start a folder, or into an existing folder.

    12:25 PM, Jun 7 2010

    Here's a pic of FaceTime with Steve chatting with Jony Ives (when the WiFi worked, heh).

    12:24 PM, Jun 7 2010

    The camera gets a ton of improvements.

    12:23 PM, Jun 7 2010

    Apple will have a case option called a "bumper" which will come in multiple colors.

    12:23 PM, Jun 7 2010

    Battery shows up to 40% more talk time, big improvements.

    12:21 PM, Jun 7 2010

    Ok I'm Photoshopping the pics to size now, stay tuned.

    12:07 PM, Jun 7 2010

    We have a bunch more pics, which we'll post asap.

    11:59 AM, Jun 7 2010

    And that's all folks

    11:57 AM, Jun 7 2010

    Steve is back. Saying its the combination of technology and liberal arts that makes Apple who they are (as he mentioned before).

    11:54 AM, Jun 7 2010

    Saying thanks to the teams that have developed the phone. Everyone clapping. Except me. Im typing.

    [SIZE="1"]11:54 AM, Jun 7 2010vDeveloped a custom glass. Used on front AND back of the phone.

    11:52 AM, Jun 7 2010

    "This is going to change everything... all over again."

    11:52 AM, Jun 7 2010

    Battery larger - iPhone 4 delivers "up to" 40% more talk time. Uh... They dont say "than what"... 3GS i assume.

    11:51 AM, Jun 7 2010

    @MuscleNerdmentions a good point - whoever new reason to jailbreak iPhone 4 - so FaceTime will work over 3G.

    11:50 AM, Jun 7 2010

    (that was from me, not Steve, haha)

    11:48 AM, Jun 7 2010

    Sorry lack of pics live, they're coming in the next hour or so.

    11:48 AM, Jun 7 2010

    You can switch the FaceTime video feed from the front to the back camera in-call.

    11:47 AM, Jun 7 2010

    More superlatives than content.

    11:47 AM, Jun 7 2010

    Showing a video of iPhone 4. Looks like the iPad into video with Jony Ives. They're all really excited. REALLY.

    11:46 AM, Jun 7 2010

    iOS 4 upgrades for iPhone 3GS and 3G, but not all features will be supported on the 3G. iPod Touch as well. FREE for ALL users.

    11:45 AM, Jun 7 2010

    Talking about accessories. Dock for iPhone 4, $29. They'll have a case as well, it's a "bumper". Comes in colors. $29

    11:44 AM, Jun 7 2010

    On sale June 24th, reorders start June 15. By July they'll be shipping to 23 countries. 5 as of the 5th. As of august, 24 more.

    11:44 AM, Jun 7 2010

    iPhone 4 white and black. $199 for 16GB, $299 for 32GB. If your ATT contract expires anytime during 2010 you are immediately eligible.

    11:42 AM, Jun 7 2010

    But.... When will it be available?

    11:41 AM, Jun 7 2010

    FaceTime will be an open project. And that is the iPhone 4....

    11:40 AM, Jun 7 2010

    Showing a video of happy people smiling at each other using FaceTime on iPhone 4s. Louis Armstrong playing in bg of the track.

    11:38 AM, Jun 7 2010

    Whoops FaceTime. Capital T.

    11:38 AM, Jun 7 2010

    Facetime will be WiFi only in 2010. Apple will ship 10s of millions of Facetime devices this year.

    11:37 AM, Jun 7 2010

    Works with iPhone 4 only. (obviously - no front camera on the others)

    11:36 AM, Jun 7 2010

    "we call this.... Facetime. And.... its great" WiFi only.

    11:35 AM, Jun 7 2010

    VIDEO CHAT! Looks like iChat. "im doing ok except for these guys who aren't turning their wifi off" - the chat froze for a sec. Haha.

    11:34 AM, Jun 7 2010

    Steve sat down... talking about when they launched the iPhone. Calling Jony Ive - with VIDEO CHAT!

    11:33 AM, Jun 7 2010

    "But there is one more thing"

    11:33 AM, Jun 7 2010

    iAds will be turned on July 4th for all iOS4 devices.

    11:30 AM, Jun 7 2010

    iAds are interactive, you can rotate the car image in this Nissan Leaf ad, the car shakes when you shake the phone, can press and manipulate

    11:29 AM, Jun 7 2010

    Banners are cool - slide in and have motion. Click the ad, it takes up the whole screen. Little x to just get out of the ad

    11:26 AM, Jun 7 2010

    State farm, sears, JC Penney, Target, Best Buy... DirectTV, Disney.

    11:26 AM, Jun 7 2010

    Developers get 60% of revenue, aid via iTunes Connect. Been selling ads 8 weeks, some brands committed are: Nissan, ATT, GE, Liberty Mutual

    11:24 AM, Jun 7 2010

    iAds load directly in the app. All done in iOS4 "you can add iAds in your app in an afternoon.

    11:24 AM, Jun 7 2010

    "the worst thing you want as a user is to tap on a banner, and be hijacked out of your app into a browser"

    11:23 AM, Jun 7 2010

    "number 8.... iAds." -steve

    11:22 AM, Jun 7 2010

    Over 150 million accounts between AppStore, iTunes, and iBookstore.

    11:22 AM, Jun 7 2010

    "so that is iBooks"

    11:21 AM, Jun 7 2010

    Still playing with iBooks, showing the sync feature.

    11:20 AM, Jun 7 2010

    For iBooks, it will sync all your bookmarks, place, and notes for all devices you have with iBooks.

    11:19 AM, Jun 7 2010

    IPhone 4 will have iBooks. Oh, and iMovie will be $4.99 on iOS4.

    11:17 AM, Jun 7 2010

    100 millionth iOS device will be sold this month. Huge market.

    11:17 AM, Jun 7 2010

    (iOS4 GM for devs only today)

    11:17 AM, Jun 7 2010

    Adding Bing as a search option. Google WILL still be default. Just adding Bing as an option in iOS4. Golden Master of iOS4 is for us TODAY.

    11:17 AM, Jun 7 2010

    Enterprise will be much better. Better security, multiple exchange support, movie device management, wireless app distribution.

    11:17 AM, Jun 7 2010

    The camera is 5MP, and video and pictures both look incredible.

    11:17 AM, Jun 7 2010

    We're still taking photos, btw - they'll be up as soon as the event is over.

    11:17 AM, Jun 7 2010

    The way folders work is nice. Tap and hold an icon, and drag it to any other - it will auto create a folder.

    11:17 AM, Jun 7 2010

    Finally unified inbox, he's showing that now. Already knew, but it looks good.

    11:16 AM, Jun 7 2010

    Changing the name of iPhone OS4 to iOS 4.

    11:16 AM, Jun 7 2010

    whoops, 4G on the right.

    10:44 AM, Jun 7 2010

    "well, geez, I don't like this."

    10:42 AM, Jun 7 2010

    "If you're on WiFi, can you just get off" "we have a little problem here, I don't know what's wrong with our networks"

    haha, yup.

    10:41 AM, Jun 7 2010

    326 pixels per inch. "So close together... things start to look like... printed in a fine book."

    10:38 AM, Jun 7 2010

    Looks pretty nice. Talking about 4 times as many pixels.

    10:36 AM, Jun 7 2010

    Stainless steel and glass.

    10:35 AM, Jun 7 2010

    Those steel bands you see are part of the phone using the actual structure of the phone as part of the antenna.

    10:35 AM, Jun 7 2010

    9.3 mm thin, 20% thinner than the iPhone 3G[S]. Thinnest smart phone on the planet. Keeps mentioning the photos that have been around.

    10:34 AM, Jun 7 2010

    Well over 100 new features, he's going to cover 8. "Now, stop me if you've already seen this." "One of the most beautiful things we've ever made."

    10:32 AM, Jun 7 2010


    10:31 AM, Jun 7 2010

    talking iPhone saturation

    10:30 AM, Jun 7 2010

    $1 billion paid to devs.

    10:28 AM, Jun 7 2010

    How much have we paid developers? Just a few days ago they passed the $1 billion mark PAID to developers.

    10:27 AM, Jun 7 2010

    Last week the AppStore crossed 5 billion downloads.

    10:27 AM, Jun 7 2010

    Guitar Hero is available in the AppStore NOW for $2.99.

    10:26 AM, Jun 7 2010

    He's rocking out. This guy is rocking out.

    10:25 AM, Jun 7 2010

    CEO of Activision is up now talking about Guitar Hero for iPhone coming.

    10:24 AM, Jun 7 2010

    She just said "Farmville is all bout the people you know. I can fertilize their crops." That's what she said.

    10:22 AM, Jun 7 2010

    Farmville on iPhone - you can actually buy a Snow Leopard.

    10:21 AM, Jun 7 2010

    Mark Pincus CEO of Zynga talking about Farmville coming to iPhone. Over 70 million monthly active users. I hate them all.

    10:20 AM, Jun 7 2010

    Netflix CEO talking about Netflix coming to the iPhone.

    10:18 AM, Jun 7 2010


    10:17 AM, Jun 7 2010

    Netflix for the iPhone coming out!

    10:16 AM, Jun 7 2010

    Steve Jobs just stepped out

    10:01 AM, Jun 7 2010

    They're starting!

    9:56 AM, Jun 7 2010

    We're in our seats, Louis Armstrong playing over the speakers. T-Minus 15 minutes.

    9:48 AM, Jun 7 2010

    David Wang aka planetbeing and Mario Ciabarra of Rock.app looking through Apple code.

    9:14 AM, Jun 7 2010

    I'm sitting with Mario Ciabarra from RockYourPhone and David Wang aka planetbeing from the DevTeam (the guy who ported Android to the iPhone, you know).

    David says his name is PRONOUNCED Wong, but SPELLED Wang. I pronounce it Wang anyway.

    8:53 AM, Jun 7 2010

    inside waiting for doors to open

    8:51 AM, Jun 7 2010

    Sitting in line, waiting.

    8:46 AM, Jun 7 2010
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