• Smart Signs in Apple Stores to Be Replaced With iOS and Mac Apps

    Starting Wednesday of this week, Apple will be having some significant changes to their Retail Stores. Not only will they be removing the iPods from the sales floor to the sides of the stores on the accessory shelves, but they will be removing the iPad-based Smart Signs as well. The removal of these Smart Signs wonít just be in U.S. based Apple Stores, but in Apple Stores worldwide. For those who donít know what signs these are, they are the iPads located next to Macs, iPhones, and iPads in stores which list prices and other information regarding the device.

    A recent report gave even more detail in regards to the Smart Sign, noting that a new pricing app dedicated to iOS and Mac devices will be replacing the signs. Now there will be a dedicated application with the Macís capabilities, pricing, and comparisons on the units to the left of the laptops. Then for iOS devices, an app that is similar will be on the Home screens of the iPhones and iPads. The new report noted that promotion for the new setup will begin Wednesday, where employees will explain the new app to walk-in customers.

    Appleís Smart Signs have been around for 4 years since 2011. We guess it is time for Apple to make some changes to their Retail Stores to make it more interesting. What do you guys think? Share with us in the section below.

    Source: 9to5Mac
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