• Apple Watch to Rollout in All 1,050 Best Buy Stores 'By the End of September'

    It’s only been a few weeks since popular electronics chain Best Buy started selling the Apple Watch in their stores and online. However not all retail locations are selling the smartwatch, only a select amount have it, 100 stores to be exact. Now Best Buy CEO Hubert Joly announced that they have plans to expand Apple Watch rollout to all 1,050 stores ‘by the end of September.’
    Previously, the initial plan for Best Buy was to offer the wearable device in 200 more stores by the holiday season. But apparently the demand was so high that the company decided to get it for all existing stores. According to Fortune,

    Demand for Apple Watch has been so strong in the stores and online.
    On top of this change, Best Buy is renovating 740 outlets with updated Apple branded sections so that there will be a more expansive display area. It was noted that 520 of the 740 stores will have the section in time for the holiday season. The new area will have “new fixtures and more display tables for phones, computers, and tablets."

    We've also been working with Apple to update the 740 stores-within-a-store that were first implemented in 2007. The stores-within-a-store will have new Apple fixtures and are larger with more display tables for phones, computers, and tablets. We've already implemented approximately 350 of them, and expect to upgrade a total of approximately 520 by the holidays.
    Best Buy will also begin offering AppleCare and AppleCare+ service and support before holiday season rolls around. Rumors claim it may even start as early as September 13th, which is about three weeks away.

    Source: Fortune
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