• Netflix App Inbound for iPhone This Summer

    Introducing the 4th generation iPhone at this year's World Wide Developer Conference, Steve Jobs announced that "in 2010 we're going to take the biggest leap since the original iPhone." Right along with outstanding new developments to the hardware itself comes an array of new offerings for the iPhone that expand the content and entertainment opportunities available to its users.

    Netflix CEO Reed Hastings unexpectedly took the stage at WWDC to announce what could very well be the hottest iPhone app for the remainder of 2010. "We just launched Netflix for the iPad, and it's been a huge success," said Hastings. "It's the #1 most downloaded in entertainment apps. But I'm happy to announce Netflix for iPhone coming this summer, for free."

    Some of the attributes alluded to by Hastings rival those available through the iPad application. They include: full catalog, instant queue access, and movies can be resumed in progress from where you last left off. In fact, if you start watching a flick on the iPhone, you can finish watching it on your iPad without losing your place in the movie.

    Once the instant excitement and enthusiasm for the Netflix app subsided, the reality of the arrival set in. With AT&T's new data plans in place for the iPhone, streaming with out an unlimited data plan could present significant barriers to enjoying the Netflix app in an unbridled fashion. But apart from the data demands, at least we know the power-conscious A4 processor and sizable new battery will prevent our iPhones from going dead only half-way through a movie.
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