• iPhone 4 Redefines "FaceTime"

    Steve Jobs had "one more thing" for us all today at Apple's 2010 WWDC. As we all sort of expected but were thrilled to see confirmed nonetheless, the 4th generation iPhone will deliver video chat capabilities. Although the widely anticipated name - iChat - won't be utilized, "FaceTime" provides the same, much-anticipated functionality - the ability to place and receive video phone calls.

    "The video and audio quality is great," said Jobs, demonstrating the impressive look and sound to the video chat function on the iPhone 4. Broadcasting to the live audience a Sam Mendes-directed commercial that will likely have millions in tears before it's all said and done, the video chat component is depicted helping a hearing-impaired man communicate with his family through the new iPhone. Punctuating the emotion of the video, Steve Jobs noted that "this is one of the moments that reminds us of why we do what we do."

    Not surprisingly, however, with the burdensome data demands already incumbent upon the AT&T cellular network, FaceTime will first be available as WiFi-only. As it stands, expect this limitation to remain in effect for the duration of 2010. Jobs observed, to a response of audible chuckles from the crowd, that they have to “work a little bit” with carriers in order to get 3G video calling enabled. Luckily, there is no set-up and it appears both the front and backside cameras will be functional during chats.
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