• Philips Announces its New Hue Wireless Dimming Kit to Help Control Brightness

    If you’re a fan of Philip’s Hue programmable LED lights, you’ll now have a better way to control the brightness of the bulbs’ as the company has recently announced a new Hue wireless dimming kit. The wireless dimming kit ships with a standard Hue white light bulb and the dimmer itself that is powered by a battery. The dimmer sports four buttons which consist of: on, off, brighter and darker.

    A wall plate which is included can be used to make the dimmer even act as a wall switch though it can also be removed and used as a standalone remote control. A single dimmer can control up to 10 white Hue lights, though it can’t be used with other Hue products. It also doesn’t appear to be compatible with Apple’s HomeKit, though Philips has pledged to update its lineup with HomeKit compatibility sometime this month.

    Leonardo Avezzano, the Hue marketing chief, had the following to say regarding the device:

    The Philips Hue wireless dimming kit is the lightbulb moment that will spark the natural progression into the modern, connected home. Not only does the kit show how simple it is to have clever products in your home, but like all Philips Hue products it is entirely future-proof. With the kit, anyone is able to begin enjoying the simplicity of modern dimming.
    Those of you interested in purchasing Philip’s Hue wireless dimming kit will be able to do so for $39.95 later this month.

    Source: Hue (Wireless Dimming Kit), Twitter (Hue)
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