• Lights, Camera... iPhone! iMovie Comes to iPhone 4

    It may not be long before the hottest entries to the Sundance Film Festival come from iPhone users playing with the mobile version of iMovie. Today at WWDC, Steve Jobs rolled out a forthcoming iPhone 4 edition of the popular video-editing suite. "Assuming we approve it," said Jobs to a more-than receptive audience for that joke, the app will run $4.99 and should turn up shortly in the App Store.

    Serving up an awesome demonstration, Randy Ubillos - the dev credited with the '08 redesign of iMovie - said “iMovie is one of the most exciting things I’ve ever worked on,” adding the mobile app is remarkably similar to its computer counterpart. Based on the demo, iPhone users can create projects that include themes, transitions, titles, music, photos, and even geolocation maps!

    Ubillos also dished on how the app makes it possible to create and edit multiple projects. You can use prerecorded or live video recorded directly into the timeline. It works just as well in landscape or portrait mode. Making matters even simpler, you can access the clips quickly and efficiently in the beloved bin we all know so well. Drag and drop as necessary into the timeline and you're ready to win your first Oscar... or at least upload something random directly to YouTube, Mobile Me, or send over e-mail.

    One of the most impressive new offerings introduced during Steve Jobs' WWDC keynote, it's a safe bet that the iMovie app for iPhone 4 will dominate the App Store upon arrival.
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