• PhotoAlbums+ 3.0 Available Now

    PhotoAlbums+ for iPhone/iPod and iPad underwent a major update yesterday. From the creators of iRealSMS, SpiritOfLogic, PhotoAlbums+ is an excellent tweak that gives many new options to the Photo.app. The features that PhotoAlbums+ provides are listed below:

    • Add photo albums inside the Photo.app
    • Move photos and videos between folders
    • Delete photo albums
    • Password-protect photo albums
    • Copy and store your album folders on your PC via USB transfer

    The update of PhotoAlbums+ 3 took into account all of the substantial suggestions and bug fixes that users from the previous versions mentioned. Three important improvements and updates to PhotoAlbums+ are listed below:

    • Privacy settings are enhanced. Password-protected photo albums are no longer able to be viewed from external applications like iMovie or through picture transfer. With the update, password-protected albums will hide when the user switches to another application
    • A backup manager, known as AlbumBackupManager, now saves and restores album structure even if the iTunes sync undergoes an error. That way you won't lose your albums or it's setup if iTunes slips up
    • The new USB-transfer is more organized when you open your iPhone/iPod or iPad as a camera device for Windows PC. Also, non-protected albums show up as folders with their full album names

    I was graciously asked to not only write an article about the update but to test the release. I can attest to you that the features are excellent and the improvements are indeed working Due to the nature of the updates, it is difficult to display many of the new features.

    PhotoAlbums+ 3.0 is available now on Cydia for the iPhone/iPod and iPad. The iPhone/iPod version is $4.99 and the iPad version is $6.99 For more information regarding updates and developments regarding PhotoAlbums+ or other iRealSMS products, follow iRealSMS on Twitter or visit the PhotoAlbums+ website.

    Name: PhotoAlbums+
    Author: SpiritOfLogic
    Price: $4.99 (iPhone/iPod), $6.99 (iPad)

    Courtesy of the developers at iRealSMS, the first 5 people to retweet this article with "#IloveModMyi and PhotoAlbums+" in the tweet will receive free copies of PhotoAlbums+ for their respective device. This does not include those who are twitter feeds. It must be legitimate people. When the first 5 are tweeted, I will require that you send me your Cydia Account # and from there the developers at iRealSMS will get you squared away.

    Source(s): iRealSMS, PhotoAlbums+, iRealSMS - Website
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    1. SirZyrion's Avatar
      SirZyrion -
      So now that I can finally jailbreak my iPad 2, I was heartbroken to discover that because the iPad requires a different version, I have to buy this again. :-( It's worth paying for twice, especially since I've been doing a lot of photo editing on my iPad and like to keep projects organized, but it's the only Cydia app I'll have to pay for twice so far. Anybody else run into this?
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