• iWork Coming to iPhone?

    Apple either accidentally let a fairly large cat out of a bag today or made some sort of bizarre graphic mistake. As noted by the eagle-eyed Stuart Miles at Pocket-lint.com, an image on the US iTunes 4 web pages showed an "Open in Keynote" option for an email attachment. Keynote and the rest of the iWork suite are currently only available on iPad. The graphic has since been changed to show an incredibly lame "Open in iBooks" option (really, Apple? really?) which leaves more questions than it answers.

    The iPhone's small screen and virtual keyboard would be pretty inconvenient to do much serious work. However, for minor document updates while away from a computer, and the ability to quickly check Word/Pages or PowerPoint/Keynote files on the go, this would be incredibly powerful for enterprise users, which is a market Apple says it wants.

    It makes more sense that Apple thought they might be able to announce iWork for iPhone at WWDC, hit a snag at the last minute, and forgot to clean up all the graphics than that they really thought that people would be doing presentations in ePub format and emailing them around. But hey, maybe that's just me...

    image via Pocket-lint.com
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