• Google to Hold its Next Media Event 20 Days After Apple?

    Google is placing its bet. The gamble? That the hype surrounding Apple's next-gen iPhone to be revealed September 9th will either fail to excite consumers or die down substantially by month's end. How do we know? Based on the latest chatter, Google is planning to hold its next media event just 20 days after Apple's iPhone 6s unveiling.

    On September 29th, also in San Francisco, Google is expected to reveal at least two new smartphones -- one from LG and the other from Huawei. These devices, in short, will be Google's answer to whatever Apple unveils next week.

    "The Nexus smartphones are essentially Google's 'flagship' devices that show off the latest version of its Android software, which powers the majority of the world's smartphones," CNET reported Wednesday.

    For now, Google won't comment on the rumor. But the Internet search giant and other makers of Android hardware are well-known for making their announcements shortly after Apple shows off its latest hardware.

    Source: CNET
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