• Another Apple v. Samsung Damages Retrial Set to Take Place in March or April of 2016

    US District Court Judge Lucy Koh, who presides over the ongoing Apple v. Samsung legal battle, recently set a March or April 2016 start date for the case’s second damages retrial. This is an action that could potentially see Samsung paying out some of the $548 million it owes for infringing on Apple’s patents.

    The move as a whole makes it clear that Judge Koh is looking to expedite an outcome for the issue as she isn’t allowing either party to float any new theories in the upcoming retrial. As of right now, the trial will calculate correct damages for five Samsung products that were found to have infringed upon six Apple patents. It should be noted that these Samsung products have been long discontinued while the legal issue behind the products continues to remain in the form of legal issues. Given the limited scope compared to 2013’s partial retrial, Judge Koh is allowing seven days for trial proceedings including open statements and closing arguments.

    This retrial will be the third jury trial in the original Apple v. Samsung court case, which initially left Samsung responsible for $1.05 billion. This also marks the fourth such action that has to come before Judge Koh’s court as part of the ongoing patent struggle between the two companies. Subsequent retrials and CAFC decisions successfully argued by Samsung brought Apple’s award down to $548 million.

    Both Apple and Samsung have to file their respective joint case management statements by September 11 before meeting at the San Jose Courthouse on September 16 for a case management conference. We’ll have to wait and see what comes of the whole ordeal.

    Source: Scribd via AppleInsider
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