• VP of iTunes International Admits Apple Has "Homework To Do" to Improve Apple Music

    According to the VP of iTunes International, Oliver Schusser, Apple still has “a bit of homework to be done” throughout the rest of 2015 to improve Apple Music. The fixes reportedly include issues with the service’s interface and handling of local iTunes libraries. As of right now, the company’s current focus appears to be “editorial and playlists.” The Cupertino California company is also said to be working on adding features and cleaning up different aspects of the service, though Schusser didn’t go into any details.

    The information came from the UK newspaper, The Guardian, where Schusser failed to address the most often complained about features regarding Apple Music such as the awkward interface and the iCloud Music Library mislabeling or even erasing local iTunes libraries. When asked about the matter, he had the following to say:

    The product is always our priority, and we are getting a lot of feedback. Remember, this was a very big launch in 110 markets instantly, so we get a ton of feedback. We're obviously trying to make it better every day.
    He continued by noting that the company is still planning to bring the service to Android and Sonos devices sometime this Fall. It’s likely that more information will be announced at Apple’s September 9th press event, despite the focus being on the new upcoming iPhone and a rumored Apple TV update.

    Source: The Guardian
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    1. a2943149's Avatar
      a2943149 -
      Whats the difference between Apple Music and Apple Radio? Isn't it the exact same thing?
      I thought Apple Radio was a flop so why just change its name and hype it up hoping nobody would notice?
    1. a2943149's Avatar
      a2943149 -
      Anyone? Whats the difference?
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