• O2 Announces iPhone 4 Early Upgrade Plan

    Even though UK pricing hasn't been announced for the iPhone, O2 has followed AT&T in the US by cutting a deal for current customers who want to upgrade. The carrier is announcing a sort of grace period where customers can upgrade after paying a fee for each month remaining on their contract. The normal 14-day "change of mind" guarantee does not apply with this offer.

    For the first month the iPhone 4 is available from O2 - starting June 24th and continuing through July 24th - the offer will allow current customers get out of their contracts by paying 20 for each month remaining. There is a separate arrangement for "Priority List" customers, who don't have the option to pay down contracts: "Platinum" customers can upgrade 6 months early, while "Silver" and "Blue" customers get moved up a whole month.

    O2 customers can also get an upgrade by switching to a pay-as-you-go contract, but they'll have to pay off the rest of their contracts in full. There's an early upgrade calculator on the O2 website for anyone having trouble figuring out what in this complicated scheme they're eligible for. Expect Vodafone, Orange and T-Mobile to offer their own upgrade deals, possibly with incentives for switchers. Must be nice to have actual competition...
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