• Apple Rumored to have Acquired Real-Time Motion Capture Firm Faceshift

    According to a recent report, Apple may have potentially purchased Faceshift, a Swiss form that works on real-time facial motion capture animation through proprietary markerless technology. Faceshifts solution for motion capture technology relies on powerful facial recognition software and 3D sensors to drive animations.

    For those of you who didn’t know, the company’s previous solution was centered around Faceshift Studio, a piece of software that featured several animation plugins for Maya and Unity. Various consumer iterations were in development, including a Skype plugin for real-time animated chats.

    The folks over at MacRumors noted that Faceshift was recently acquired by an outside company with three corporate directors replaced by Baker & McKenzie attorney, Martin Frey. Although Frey doesn’t appear to have prior connections to Apple, the Cupertino California company has had a record of conducting legal operations through Baker & McKenzie. Furthermore, key employees like Doug Griffin, who is a veteran in the computer graphics industry, and Steve Macdonald, are seemingly on longer with the company (as noted in their respective LinkedIn profiles). For its end, Apple appears to be staying quiet on the subject. Furthermore, Apple didn’t comment on rumors or speculations according to a company representative.

    If news of the acquisition is true, it wouldn’t be a first for the company as Apple has expressed interest in facial recognition technology with its wallet previously. In 2010, Apple bought a Swedish firm that developed software capable of recognizing users based on facial characteristics named Polar Rose. Apple also acquired the Israeli company known for its collaboration on Microsoft’s Kinect system for Xbox named PrimseSense in 2013.

    We’ll have to wait and see what comes of the acquisition by waiting patiently.

    Source: Twitter (Ejdeon), Faceshift via MacRumors
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