• Apple Goes Big: iPad Pro Unveiled

    Calling iPad Apple's "clearest vision of the future of personal computing," Tim Cook this morning heralded the biggest news in iPad since iPad itself.

    As intensely rumored, meet iPad Pro.

    The gorgeous new new iPad Pro was demonstrated today with its rich display (the screen 12.9-inches with 2732 x 2048 resolution -- 5.6 million pixels), a full sized "smart keyboard," a stylus dubbed "Apple pencil," and the internal components to make iPad Pro the fastest, most powerful iPad ever created. Not hard to believe when you consider that the device packs an A9X chip, which is 1.8 times faster than the previously used chip.

    The Smart Keyboard ($169) and Apple Pencil ($99) will be sold separately beginning in November.

    Apple's Phil Schiller says the revamped tablet delivers 10 hours of battery life and a revolutionary four-speaker audio system (which makes watching movies an unbelievable experience).

    "This is desktop class performance," Schiller notes, pointing out how graphics processing is twice as fast.

    "This is the most advanced display we've ever built," Schiller said.

    iPad Pro starts at $799 for 32GB model (Wi-Fi). $949 for 128GB (Wi-Fi) and $1079 for 128GB (Wi-Fi and Cellular).

    Source: Apple
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    1. fleurya's Avatar
      fleurya -
      Wow a Stylus! Steve totally gone from Apple now. Especially in the fact that they brought in MS to demo productivity instead of using their own productivity suite.

      If it had full OSX I would be pumped, but as it is I'd rather just have the 10" model.

      Interesting no Force Touch though. I guess they decided to go the Samsung route and build the snesitivity into the stylus.
    1. cpotoso's Avatar
      cpotoso -
      This thing should run OSX... And SJ is rolling on his grave (size, stylus).
    1. bbrks's Avatar
      bbrks -
      And for almost the same $$, I can get MBP retina 13", 2014......no way......
    1. Shadowmax's Avatar
      Shadowmax -
      this is BS for that price and size i can get a true laptop wiith better specs and a touch screen or even a MBP
    1. HeliPilot's Avatar
      HeliPilot -
      Hmm, let me think about this. A 12.9 inch internet capable movie player or a 13 inch Alienware core i7 4K laptop with a 2gb nvidia 960 and a 256gb solid state hard drive for about 100 bucks more. I love Apple but there is not enough Kool-aid in the world to justify the true lack of value in the iPad pro.
    1. sand_man's Avatar
      sand_man -
      Apparently it gets 4gb of ram...

      Adobe confirms Apple iPad Pro has 4GB of RAM - GSMArena.com news
    1. chevymusclecar's Avatar
      chevymusclecar -
      I bet it will be a flop. Now I'll wait to see if I'm right...
    1. Albut's Avatar
      Albut -
      No one in their right mind will buy one of these whilst the surface pro is so much more advanced.
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