• Are Hopes for a Durable iPhone 4 Shattered?

    The new iPhone 4 isn't even available yet and already there are many blogger pundits pronouncing the updated Apple smartphone the "least durable" iPhone ever released. Within the last twenty-fours hours, photos have surfaced across the web depicting a shattered 4th generation iPhone. And if comments posted to many gadget blogs beneath the photos are true, a good number of prospective iPhone 4 buyers may not be so fast to purchase the new handset in fear of it being a veritable "shatter magnet."

    But is that label for the new iPhone fitting or even deserved? Here's where the speculation was born. The fix-it gurus at "iFix your i," an increasingly well-known online presence that assists with Apple product repairs, claim to have obtained original iPhone 4 components. Got that? It isn't actually the new iPhone. It's a makeshift product using iPhone 4 "parts." Once fastened together - minus the circuit board, etc. - the team played a home-game version of Myth Busters and repeatedly dropped their creation in order to test how it handles impact.

    The photo above shows the iPhone after three drops. It survived the first two without injury. The third strike (a drop from an elevation from 3.5 feet) proved sufficient to shatter the glass housing. This "evidence" seems to contradict the claim from Apple that the new iPhone is made from a chemically strengthened form of glass that is some "20 times stiffer and 30 times harder than plastic." Naturally, the photos released by iFix your i have rattled some folks.

    Even though the experiment is far from scientific, a mock iPhone 4 shattering so easily certainly isn't good news ahead of the product launch later this month. But we won't really know for sure how much of a glass-jaw, so to speak, the new iPhone has until the masses put some wear and tear on a device that Apple maintains is the most durable iPhone to date.

    Image via iFix your i
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