• Apple Notifies Developers to Start Submitting iOS 9, watch OS 2, OS X El Capitan Apps

    On Friday, Apple began letting developers know that it is time to start submitting their applications for review for the new upcoming iOS 9, watch OS 2, and OS X 10.11 El Capitan releases, all of which are currently in their Golden Master state and will be releases to consumers throughout the month of September.

    Apple notes that the applications should be built with the latest Xcode 7 GM seed and should be tested with the latest GM seeds of the respective operating systems. This will ensure that the applications run as smoothly as possible on the public release, since the Golden Master is typically the same, if not close, to the public release itself.

    Submit Your Apps Today

    September 11, 2015

    You can now submit your apps that take advantage of the latest features in iOS, OS X, and watchOS. Build your apps using Xcode 7 GM seed, test with the GM seeds of iOS 9, OS X El Capitan, and watchOS 2, and submit them for review.
    By submitting their applications early, developers help ensure that their applications will hit their respective App Stores on a timely basis so that users can start using the applications right away on the new operating system with a butter-smooth transition experience.

    After all, what kind of good developer wants to be like another Ebay or PayPal and take forever to update their apps?

    The review process can take a little while, so developers that are ready to submit their applications are urged to do so as soon as humanly possible.

    Source: Apple
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