• Apple Now Seeking a Few Good (iOS 4) Apps

    Only days away from the new iPhone launch, Apple has opened the iOS 4 door to devs and is now actively seeking and accepting app submissions. On June 21st, Apple will release the new operating system once simply called "iPhone OS." iOS 4 is the pretty new packaging for the operating system that lets the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad chug along. Packed to the brim with new features like multitasking, folders, and even iBooks, Apple has been very self-congratulatory about its new iOS 4. But, as always, it's the devs who shine most in situations like these. And Apple is ready to put the spotlight on them.

    From Apple's developer site:

    Log in to iTunes Connect and submit your iOS 4 application now, so it will be ready for sale when iOS 4 is available to iPhone and iPod touch users. Make sure you have built and tested your app using iOS 4 and iPhone SDK 4 GM seed available from the iPhone Dev Center.
    With better than 1,500 new APIs available for developers, there are high expectations for the types of apps that will soon find a home in the App Store. For those unfamiliar, iOS 4 will not, unfortunately, run on the first iPhone or 1st generation iPod Touch. And although it will run on the iPhone 3G and 2nd generation iPod Touch, it will only do so with limited features - you know, like the ones that kind of make iOS 4 cool.

    Apple is clearly posturing itself to be as friendly to developers and other iOS 4 content providers as possible. From establishing the iAd platform - which, ostensibly, exists to primarily benefit developers financially - to new applications that will better enable devs to track their own sales success, Apple may finally begin affording its best developers the props and recognition they so richly deserve.

    In lockstep with Apple's announcement that its now accepting iOS 4 apps for approval, Cupertino also rolled out iTunes Connect Mobile, which will conceivably assist developers in monitoring their sales data and app distribution through the App Store. According to Apple, devs - at home or on the go - can now view daily and weekly sales data related to updates, paid and free apps as well as In-App purchases.

    iTunes Connect Mobile is only Apple's sixth official iPhone application.
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