• 3D Touch Display Makes iPhone 6s & 6s Plus Heavier Than Predecessors by 11%

    Apple's new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus handsets include a new feature called 3D Touch, which is essentially Force Touch on the iPhone; the process of adding force sensitive panels under the display so the user can press firmly. The feature allows the user to use force-variant gestures on the display surface to take advantage of features on the smartphone, such as shortcuts from the Home Screen, or viewing e-mail previews from the e-mail thread screen without actually having to tap on them to open them.

    What's interesting about 3D Touch is that the additional technology alone is enough to make the new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus weigh about 11% more than their predecessors the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. First spotted by The Verge, the components in the 3D Touch display weigh more than the typical strengthened Ion X display used in the previous generation iPhones. Apple now notes on their Web site that the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus use "the strongest cover glass used on any smartphone in the world."

    As noted by Apple's environmental specs, the display of the iPhone 6 weighed only 12 grams, while the iPhone 6s display now weighs more than double that at 29 grams. For the larger device, the iPhone 6 Plus, the display weighed only 19 grams, which now weighs a whopping 40 grams on the iPhone 6s Plus. Apart from the displays, most of the other components of the new and old handsets are very similar in weight.

    It is worth noting that Apple has sacrificed some battery surface area in the new handsets to make room for a new taptic engine, much like what's in the Apple Watch. This feature allows much faster vibration that can be used as haptic feedback to the user when using the heavier 3D Touch display. The iPhone 6s is the only iPhone that seems to reflect this change, as the iPhone 6s Plus keeps the same battery weight at 43 grams, while the iPhone 6s actually ditches 1 gram for the battery over its predecessor.

    Source: The Verge
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    1. bigboyz's Avatar
      bigboyz -
      Only downside i am seeing for the new 6S Plus. Oh well, still ordered one :]
    1. StaceyMJ86's Avatar
      StaceyMJ86 -
      I'm still getting the 6s+ no matter how heavy it is.
    1. Brandon.amos's Avatar
      Brandon.amos -
      Same here. I'm getting a 6s Plus to shed some grams of my 5s! Haha
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