• Blacksn0w RC2 : No More Manual Patching

    Last week we discussed msft.guy's patching files which allowed for unlocking on iOS 4 GM. The process required some manual patching that was required to be done after any rebooting. All in all, it was a rather tedious process, but a step in the direction that gets us to what we have today. Blacksn0w RC2 updated for iOS 4 GM.

    The man behind this piece of software is Steve, the developer who first gave us legit PushFix.info. While the baseline work is to be credited to geohot and msft.guy, Steve has managed to package it all together in a manner that requires no manual patching.

    As usual there are precautions and requirements to complete this unlock. This is release is only for the iPhone 3GS, one which has an older bootom, and of course have baseband 05.11.07. The Blacksn0w RC2 will result in a longer reboot process as it patches the phone and finds an available carrier. Once again we remind you to stay away from such unofficial unlocks unless you are a developer or have the utmost need to do so.

    Steve has noted that this unlock is only temporary and that he will update it shortly after the official release of iOS 4. He has also noted that this should only be treated as a temporary solution until the official unlock is released, which he believes will be much less buggy and time consuming that this current Blacksn0w release. Could this be the last run of Blacksn0w? It just might be...

    Steve will be hanging out in the forums to help answer any questions, so feel free to discuss this patch further here.

    Put yourself on the Modmyifone Map!-photo-2.jpg

    Source: Steve @ Pushfix.info
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