• Facebook Video Exporting Hidden inside iOS 4

    9to5mac has reported something buried inside of the code in iOS 4 GM. Currently we have the option to export to YouTube or Mobile Me and it looks like soon we will have direct exporting to facebook when iOS 4 hits us very soon.

    So how exactly did they find this little bit of information if there are no buttons for it? Well buried inside on of the .plist files on an iPhone running iOS 4 GM, 9to5Mac found the following snippet of code.

    While some speculate that this feature may be iPhone 4 only, I highly doubt that is the case as this wouldn't be software dependent. The only difference I can think of is that the iPhone 4 will allow you to upload HD videos; but even if that was the case, hello bandwidth.

    Either way we will find out shortly what exactly this piece of code is for.

    Source: 9to5mac.com

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