• Apple Deploys iTunes to Mitigate Migration Crisis

    Today, amid the swelling migrant crisis that is playing out across Europe, many nations around the world are struggling to find ways to fairly, humanely, and politically deal with what has become an unavoidable human rights issue.

    With close to 200,000 Syrians seeking new homes as a brutal civil war drives them from their previous homes, the global community is facing pressure to accommodate these fleeing individuals.

    To do their part, Apple is now harnessing the power of iTunes to generate financial support to mitigate the fallout from this massive migration. The digital content ecosystem can now be used to make donations ranging from $5 to $200. Apple says 100% of the money donated goes to combat the crisis without a cut going back to the iDevice maker.

    For Apple, this is just the latest example of iTunes being used to help direct funds to assist with an international human rights matter. Given their successful track record in such endeavors, the company's efforts in this matter will likely result in considerable sums raised for the cause at hand.

    Source: Apple
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      inb4 incredibly ignorant comment about Apple being "political."
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