• AT&T - iPhone 4 Shipping in "2-3 Weeks"

    Following up on yesterday seeing Apple change delivery dates on the pre-orders to July 2 (from June 24 - hope you were able to get through!), AT&T is now showing only that the devices are on backorder, and will deliver in "2-3 weeks."

    UPDATE 9:50: I should specify, this is for orders GOING FORWARD. The pre-orders for the 24th delivery will still be on the schedule they outlined yesterday (which is the 24th mostly, with some people who ordered later in the day possibly not getting the phone til the 25th).

    UPDATE 2 9:59 AM - This may not be accurate. Says one AT&T employee:

    ...that 2 - 3 weeks shipping message was being displayed yesterday during preorder 1 as well, it is just the way AT&T's system work[s], since technically they never had iPhone 4's in stock. They outline this message in their internal employee documents explaining it. This is not because they ran out of iPhone 4 pre orders, customers should still expect at this point to receive their phones from June 25th - July 2nd.
    We mentioned yesterday AT&T had said "As of Tuesday afternoon, customers who preorder iPhone 4 moving forward will receive their device on June 25 or later, depending on when the order is placed." Looks like those orders are going to be more towards Apple's July 2nd date (which makes sense - that's most likely when the next shipment of devices will be coming from the factory) now.

    As a side note - remember this?
    possible famous last words: "meh, I'll pre order it tomorrow. they won't sell out in one day of pre orders."
    Good thing I decided to keep pressing yesterday and got a few. Bring on the iPhone 4.
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