• Twitter is Reportedly Planning a Service to Let Users Tweet More Than 140 Characters

    Twitter has long kept its users within character limits of 140 characters. The idea was that people wanted to digest social media in small bursts because of the TL;DR attitude of modern society, but it has become apparent that the feature can actually hinder communication between individuals.

    As a result, Twitter opened up Direct Messaging to unlimited characters, as it was recently limited to 140 characters, and they also made it easier to direct message users, by optionally removing the requirement to only be Direct Messaged by users you follow.

    As noted by Re/code on Tuesday, Twitter may be thinking about expanding the character limit in public Tweets now as well. It's not entirely sure how Twitter plans to make this happen, but the report suggests that Twitter is working on a new product, similar to existing one like TwitLonger, which will allow the user to ultimately post something longer than 140 characters, and best of all, we'd assume Twitter would be able to make their platform more user friendly than a third-party service, so it may be a better alternative when it's available.

    Twitter is also thinking about making it so that text from URLs and usernames and/or hashtags do not count against the user in the character limit, which will further assist Twitter users in getting out what needs to be put out there, and getting their voices heard.

    Making these small tweaks to the usability of Twitter will help users to make more use of the social network, but Twitter obviously doesn't want to be just another Facebook, hence the limitations and the different social networking dynamic.

    Source: Re/code
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