• China Gets Apple Music, iBooks, and iTunes Movies

    As you all already know, Apple has been trying to expand their products and services worldwide rapidly in the last year. Now, the Cupertino-based company has announced that Apple Music, iBooks, and iTunes Movies has been introduced to their growing Asian market. Chinese users will now be able to listen to Asian artists including G.E.M. Eason Chan, JJ Lin, Li Ronghao, as well as worldwide artists like Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift, and others.

    Apple’s press release also noted that iBooks, and iTunes Movies were launched in China alongside Apple Music. Users will be able to view films from both Hollywood and China, meanwhile also being able to access paid and free e-books. The iBooks Store was noted to have plenty of Chinese language books, while iTunes Movies will have local films like ‘1905’, as well as international blockbusters. For a limited time as a promotion, the company is offering ‘The Taking of Tiger Mountain’ as a free download.

    The three-month Apple Music trial started on September 30th, which is also the last day of trial for U.S. customers. When three months is up, it will cost Chinese customers 10RMB ($1.57 USD) monthly for single users and 15RMB ($2.36 USD) monthly for a family of six.

    According to Apple’s SVP of Internet Software and Services,

    Customers in China love the App Store and have made it our largest market in the world for app downloads. One of the top requests has been more great content and we're thrilled to bring music, movies and books to China, curated by a local team of experts.
    China is Apple’s second fastest growing market, it is no wonder the company is trying to push all their services out in that region. They are also trying to open more Apple retail stores left and right in different parts of the region so that it becomes more convenient for Chinese Apple users. We wonder if China will soon replace the U.S. in becoming Apple’s number one country in sales and profit. What do you think? Share with us in the section below.

    Source: Apple
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