• Apple Gets Approval from City of Westminster to Revamp London's Regent Retail Store

    A new report from the Evening Standard is reporting that Apple will be moving forward in renovating their London Regent store as they were recently given government approval to do so. The Cupertino-based company noted that the popular retail store has a ‘tired and outdated’ interior, which will soon be changed with the upcoming revamp. News of this first broke back in May of this year and the company will finally be able to carry out its plans.

    The publication noted that the exterior will be different as the company will be removing the Apple logos so the interior sales floor will receive more natural lighting. It was also noted that a double-height entrance will be installed in place of the front of the mezzanine. The retail store’s single staircase will be replaced with two new staircases. According to the City of Westminster, the renovation was approved because it would:

    re-imagine the overall customer experience within the store and address and tired and outdated interior sales area.
    When the retail store goes under renovation, Apple will be running a temporary shop in the basement. The company was given permission to stay there for up to three years, although the renovation time will likely be much less than that. No other information has been given about what to expect with the revamp of the store and apparently staff are not allowed to see what the place will look like until it is fully finished.

    Source: Evening Standard
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